How to Backup Facebook Messages, Chat, Contacts, Photos, Videos and etc.

Facebook is already declared as worlds biggest social networking site with millions of users, its do not require any special introduction so i’m going to the topic directly.. If you have valuable photos, messages, contacts etc. in packed up in your facebook profile? then it is advisable to take a back up of your account.

Facebook has a special option which will helps you to back up your account information and data completely to your gmail or any other email account with which you created your facebook account. Its very easy to back up, you can do it with just one click.

What things can be backed up?

  1. Your account’s profile information
  2. Information you posted in your wall
  3. Friends & contacts list
  4. Images, videos and other data
  5. Your messages, comments etc.

All this data will be backed up and you can download as .zip file from your gmail account if you follow the below steps.

Backing up your Facebook Conversations, Contacts, Photos etc data: 

1. Go to and log in to your account as usual.

2. Now go to Account Settings of your profile.

3. On the ending of your account settings you’ll see a link “Download a copy” like shown in below picture.



4. Just click on that link, and you’ll see a page with big button named “Start my Archive”.

5. Just click on that button to start the process of backing up. Once you clicked, you’ll see another box with same button “Start my archive”. Again click on that to tell facebook to prepare backup. After clicking you’ll see a message that backup data will be sent to your mail.

6. As said in that message, after few minutes you’ll be informed by an mail from facebook with download link of back up files. If your account has big size of data, it will take some time to revive the mail, so just wait patiently. You’ll get it to the mail address which you used for creating your facebook account.

7. When you got the mail just open the link mentioned in your mail, and in that link you’ll see “Download Archive” button like shown below. Just click on it to download your files.. That’s it.

backup facebook messages

How to use the downloaded files? 

The download file is .zip format, so you have to extract it. Go to the folder extracted and open the  file named “index.htm” to see the information of your account including photos, messages, contacts etc.

Do not delete any of the files in that folder, if you delete any? that index.html page won’t work.

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